Covid-19: Atinka TV’s Bismark Brown wades into lockdown debate

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Majority of our people are poor so we can’t lockdown the country for 2 weeks.
That’s true! And I have previously made some suggestions I think we can explore…take a tour on my Facebook wall you will find more.

But what is the plan to go around that challenge and control the spread of the disease? We have done a few things and am worried about them.

1. We are and have been appealing to the very poor and hungry for whom we can not lockdown to stay home and not mingle unless it’s necessary. Well guess what, for that poor woman, it’s very imperative for her to go out there and hustle so she will go. Your appeal will not work because you know you have no plan to cushion her while you ask her to stay home.

If you really want her to stay home, you must come up with a plan to mitigate the economic impact and that’s what we are lacking from our leader. If you can’t keep them home too, come up with a plan to achieve social distancing while not denying them their daily hustle.

2. We have asked churches to suspend meetings and have asked students to go home but guess what, those same people are allowed to sit at close proximity in trotros, buses and in taxis, they rub their bodies against each other in kantamanto, kejetia, circle etc. with screams of, Yeeees ‘booofroot’, ankaaa oooo, ‘maame ooo denden’ etc. and we think the President speaking grammar about social distancing will work?

NB! They may not spread or catch the virus in school or church but they may spread or contract it in the markets and commercial vehicles where they are ramped up.

3. People continue to sit on okada and share helmets and speak to each other at close proximity with some coughing behind the rider and we think it’s enough to appeal to them to observe social distancing.

4. You disinfect markets and your market women are happy that coronavirus is not in their markets anymore and therefore have relaxed on the precautions they have to take and they mix up and interact any how in the markets and you think we are doing enough to stop the spread of the virus?

5. Factories with huge worker populations are still operating with minimal or no adherence to social distancing. The social distancing directive means different things to different people depending on what they do. Who is ensuring compliance ?

This is a test of COMPETENCE and we need to see it at play.
#Sinopi ☝🏿

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