Chinese restaurant discriminates against Zambians

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A video of a Zambian national narrating how he was refused entry into a Chinese restaurant and shop in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia has been trending on social media platforms in Zambia.

The story was first aired by Local television station Muvi TV based in Lusaka.

The Zambian male national who prefers to remain anonymous spoke to a reporter in the company of his Chinese wife.

According to him, while his Chinese wife was allowed entry, he was denied entry even though, he is a full blooded Zambian. He told the reporter he was turned away for being black and a foreigner in his own country.
The Zambian national together with his Chinese wife wearing their nose masks narrated their shocking experience to the reporter.

“There were two other guys in front of us……they were Chinese nationals and they went in….so my wife and I were going in, there was this lady behind the counter. She was shouting something …she was yelling something so for me I just looked at her because I couldn’t understand what she was saying so I walked in again then she repeated the same phrase. So at this time, I looked at my wife because she was looking in my direction so I looked at my wife, my wife had stopped moving so I asked her, what is she saying? She said the lady said foreigners are not allowed in this shop. So I said to myself….in my mind that, how could she say my wife is a foreigner?

Then my wife said oh she means you are not allowed in the shop, that’s when I was confused. Foreigner? So I am the foreigner in this situation. Then my wife asked the lady, what do you mean? She said, the Chinese can come inside, you have to stay outside and you can’t come inside”.

His wife on her part described the encounter as ridiculous and wondered how “they can say foreigners cannot come inside when they [the chinese] are in a foreign country”? She wondered.

When the shop was contacted by the reporter, he was told by the shop attendant that the decision was arrived at due to the coronavirus pandemic and denied turning blacks away but added that, when black Zambian drivers come with their Chinese bosses, they are made to wait outside while their Chinese bosses enter the shop.

How could they not be discriminating against Zambians and Africans in general when noticeably, all inscriptions are in Chinese except for telephone numbers and names of Zambia which, according to the mayor of Lusaka is against Zambian laws.

How can the Chinese whose country is the origin of the coronavirus pandemic turn round to set rules for their business premises that indicates that blacks will infect them with the virus and therefore, would not allow any black person to enter their shop and restaurant?

Can a Zambian shop owner behave in this manner in China?

The Zambian authorities have since closed the Chinese restaurant and shop when this story went viral.

“Apartheid finished (ended) a long time ago in Lusaka after Zambia gained independence in 1964,” Mayor of Lusaka Miles Sampa after closing down the Chinese business told the Lusaka Times website.

Source: Ghanacrusader