China ready to partner African countries to promote arts and entertainment

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China has expressed interest in partnering African countries to promote the arts and entertainment industry.

China, which produces close to 52 movies annually and makes billions of dollars from the movie industry, is already having some form of collaboration with some African and Caribbean countries in the entertainment industry but welcomes an extensive cooperation for mutual benefits.

Professor Jin Haina, a lecturer at the Communication University of China, explained that, her country and developing countries can exchange ideas that will promote the industry if deepened cooperation materialises.

Professor Jin Haina was speaking at a training seminar for 41 journalists and documentary filmmaking professionals from 15 developing countries in Beijing, China. The three- week training is being organised by China’s Research and Training Institute for National Radio and TV Administration in Beijing with support from the Chinese government.

She was of the view that developing countries have a great chance of telling their stories via movies and documentaries to the huge Chinese entertainment market if such partnership progresses.

According to Professor Haina, with the availability of dubbing and sub-titling methods, African countries and China could exchange Television film series to bridge cultural differences and share a common goal of attaining domestic and international development through entertainment.

On his part, the Deputy Director for Film and TV Dubbing Services at the China Radio International (CRI), Mr. Meng Yi, emphasised that China would be in the position to cooperate with state and private media in African countries and to provide documentary film products for free broadcasting or in a cooperative way.

He contended that translation has been the most difficult part in efforts to localise documentary film contents for other countries since that has to do with translating meanings according to local cultural structures.

Mr Yi, however, assured that the CRI Radio and TV Translation Centre of China has in place assistance avenues that is ready to train potential translators from African countries to easily translate the Chinese series or documentary films into their respective local languages for easy understanding.

Editors and senior reporters from the Daily Guide, the Class Media Group, GBC, Atinka Media Village, Peace FM and GNA are participants at the seminar.

Ghana | | Isaac Nuamah Yeboah