Chereponi clash: Chokosis and Kokombas ‘compete’ in burning of houses

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The Chokosis and the Kokombas are in a competition of burning houses in Chereponi.

In the early hours of Wednesday, a community belonging to the Chokosis tribe in the Chereponi district known as Nabiri was burnt down following the renewed clash.
The police had indicated that twenty two (22) communities have been burnt down since the eruption of the violence last weekend.

The Northern Regional Public Relations Officer of the Police, Dsp Mohammad Ussif Tanko told Atinka news that the burning of houses has become a competition between the two feuding factions to equalise the burnings and the destruction that are ongoing.

He detailed that eleven of the affected communities belongs to the Chokosis, whilst the remaining eleven is predominantly a Kokomba community.

He also revealed that the fighters, do carry out the crime in undercover of darkness at the remote areas.

Meanwhile, Dsp Ussif Tanko enumerated that students of the Chereponi senior high school, who are from the Chokosi tribe this morning mass up at the chereponi police station to seek for protection.

He added that the students demanded police escort for them to return back to their various communities to avoid unforeseen attack.

According to Dsp Ussif Tanko, the students were however, escorted back to the school to continue with their normal classes.

He assured that the police were putting every strategy to ensure that they control the situation.

He also said the security personnel on ground have received additional vehicles, and other equipment to protect the citizenry.