Cecilia Marfo shaved someone’s hair on stage while speaking in tongues -Brother Sammy

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Gospel star, Brother Sammy says his senior colleague, Cecelia Marfo has humiliated a number of gospel musicians in the country.

“She has humiliated a lot of people; it is only that of Joyce Blessing and myself which has come out. I do not want to mention names. Sometimes she takes microphones and slaps people,” he alleged.

Brother Sammy recalled: “One guy in Accra, Paul Ammantem who had kept his hair went up stage to sow a seed, then Cecilia Marfo grabbed a pair of scissors and put it in the guy’s hair and barbered him while she was speaking in tongues.”

He said, “We do not speak much about what she does because we do not want to disgrace gospel artistes. She can spit and men will be pushing to have her spit.”

In an interview with B Ice on Agyenkwa FM, a sister station of Atinka Fm, Brother Sammy expressed worry over the fact that no one jumped to his defense when Cecilia Marfo slapped him.

That, he said informed him to be very careful because he did not feel loved by the people.

“When Cecilia Marfo slapped me, no one jumped to my defense but when she did it to Joyce Blessing, everyone was talking about it. But when it happened to me and she slapped me six times without retaliation, no one said anything, ” Brother Sammy said.

He added that, “I have observed that when a woman gets an issue, she gets more sympathy than a man. When she slapped me, I did not retaliate but people were insulting me rather. It is sad but I laughed about it and moved on because it has already happened.”

When asked if she slapped him once, he insisted Cecilia Marfo slapped him six times, adding that Cecilia is physically very strong.

“Sometimes I laugh about it because she is my sister, she slapped me but I have forgiven her,” he said.

Meanwhile, he urged Cecilia Marfo to stop abusing people, adding that it will not help the industry grow.

Brother Sammy also debunked notions that gospel musicians use ‘juju’ to do their music.

He said he has featured a white man, Micheal Osten in his new album.

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