Buffer Stock awarding contracts to ‘friends’ – Minority

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A minority ranking member on the Education Committee of Parliament, Peter Notsu Kotoe, has accused the National Food Buffer Stock Company (NFBSC) of not adhering to  proper procurement procedure.

According to the law maker, the NFBSC allows people to register at their outfit and hand pick people in relation to food items supplied to Senior High Schools (SHS) under the free SHS policy.

The Procurement Act mandates persons seeking contracts to undergo tender processes which according to the Minority have been breached by the NFBSC.

Speaking to Ekourba Gyasi on Atinka AM Drive, Peter Notsu Kotoe stated that the NFBSC has been fraudulently awarding contract for the supply of foods to Senior High Schools to persons who are not qualified.

He noted that this act by NFBSC to a large extent, creates room for looting and corruption.

“Buffer stock has failed to provide the requirements and details on which it selects suppliers for the program”, he said.

He asked the government to desist from over centralization and ensure that as many people who have the capabilities are engaged to supply foods to safeguard fairness and accountability.

Ghana | atinkaonline.com | Vivian Adu Boatemaa