Bobby Billion drops new single ‘Yabrea anka Yada’

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Ghanaian fast rising Afro-pop musician Bobby Billion dropped his new single, ‘Yabr3ankayada’ on the 9th of this month but the term is already a street anthem and spreading as a virus ..

Rumour has it that Bobby Billion earlier this year joined the free Mason and his new song is being backed by occultic powers..

‘Yabr3ankayada’ which literally means, ‘if we were tired, then we would be sleeping’ has a secret meaning which originated from the magic word, ‘abracadabra’, which is believed to be  an occultic enchantment used to consult the sun to light up a  "person's dark life".

Carefully listen to each and every word of the song to know the truth behind the term ‘Yabr3ankayada’


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