Bleoo 99 year group to hold health walk

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As part of activities to celebrate their 20th anniversary since their exit from Senior High School, the Accra Academy 99 year group would embark on a health walk from Ayi Mensah to the mountain top at Aburi.

The Event is set to draw as many members as well as other year groups.

President of the group Yao Anani Kuwornu and his executives say they are looking forward to a very successful event.

It’s hard to believe that twenty years have gone by so quickly. We entered Accra Academy with pride as little teenagers and we are delighted to have such an opportunity to get our mates together.

Our working lives have made it quite difficult to congregate for as many events as possible but I can confidently say that as many of my mates have confirmed their participation.

It would be a great opportunity to shed some weight and burn some calories which is extremely good for our health. The Aburi stretch is physically demanding and I am sure it would serve as well, he added.”

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He further added that there would a lot to eat and drink and entreated the various years groups to join in and have some fun.

As part of their celebrations, the group also intends to hold a public lecture on leadership as well as a dinner dance to raise some funds for various projects in their alma mater.

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