Asogli State angry with Blay over ‘palm wine’ comments; demands apology  

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The Asogli State Council is unhappy with comments allegedly made by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Chairman Freddie Blay against its leader, Agogbomefia Togbe Afede XIV.

Agogbomefia Togbe Afede XIV had shared  his opinion on the raging debate  over the procurement of 275 buses by Mr. Blay ahead of the NPP Delegates Congress.

“Let me say that the frequency of corruption at elections is worrying because that sequence itself suggests the lack of trust and lack of transparency. And I think that we all have to work hard to minimise the frequency of perceptions of corruption and corruption. Nananom should lead the fight and should talk for transparency.

“Some time ago, it was one party building a multi-million dollar headquarters, we all sat down and did not complain. And recently, an aspiring chairman of a party buying several 275 vehicles.

“These are matters that should attract Nananom’s attention. And I’m very happy that at least the latest one has attracted the attention of the special prosecutor. Unfortunately, the canker has spread so deeply”. 

But the NPP chairman has described the comments as palm wine business talk.


The Asogli State has issued a statement to register their displeasure with the “disrespectful” comments made against their leader

“We take strong exceptions to the statements, names and comments in this reply as they are insulting and disrespectful.

“A statement such as this and from the President of the National House of Chiefs and an astute businessman does not warrant the kind of response from the National Chairman of the ruling party, a former First Deputy Speaker of Parliament and a lawyer.

“This statement, in our view, is aimed at addressing the issue of the perception of corruption and corruption and to repose trust in our leaders, thereafter. It also calls on the most noble and respectful indigenous institutions to be actively involved in the crusade. In addition, it applauded the current government that similar acts that have been swept under the carpet in the past, are being given the needed attention [they] deserve.

“Therefore, the Asogli State Council demand an unqualified apology from the NPP and its Chairman for this their misconduct and disrespect shown to Togbe with immediate effect. Since the NPP remained silent, we can only conclude that this might be part of their boardroom decisions. Failure to heed this clarion call and the next line of action would be announced ASAP. ENOUGH is ENOUGH”.


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