Abandoned baby finds a ‘childless’ mother

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Some mishappenings they say are blessings in disguise, a typical scenario of the adage has occurred in Ashaiman this morning. A day-old abandoned baby has fortunately found his way into the arms of a woman who has been yearning for a child for a couple of decades.

The unfortunate incident occurred at Lebanon River State in the Ashaiman Municipality when an energetic baby boy was found in a toilet pit near the Lebanon Dam at around 4 am today. Mawufemor Segbedzi who had stomach upset said she called at the place of convenience around 4 am only to hear the cry of a baby and beckoned Neighbours who came to his rescue. 

Neighbours who were not sure that the culprit of such an ungodly act is a neighbour of the vicinity believed the lady gave birth at home and came to dump the baby into the public toilet pit.

Richard Amamu, who mans the facility told atinkaonline.com that a lady came earlier who tapped cloth around her neck in a suspicious manner but he, unfortunately, couldn't ask her anything. He stated that he could not recognize the lady but other ladies who came around at the time were in the best position to identify the culprit.

The unpleasant situation has, however,  turned to an answer to a prayer for a Muslim woman who had longed for a child for years. Hawawu Mohammed who took the baby and is taking care of him told atinkaonline.com that the incident is a prayer come through since she had been grieving for a child all this while. 

Hawawu Mohammed, in her 50s, hinted that she had just returned from Hajj with her prayer focus of asking God to answer her childlessness, stating her unreadiness to release the child. "I will take care of him as my own biological child, I will not release the baby to anybody, not even when the real mother surfaces," she warned. She promised to name the baby "Wompini" which means God's gift in Dagaaba language.

The baby boy is, however, looking good as Hawawu Mohammed is just waiting for the police to take him to the hospital. 

Ghana | Atinkaonline.com | Edward Sebbie