A fortunate life, and an untimely death: A tribute to Asempa Fm’s KABA

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It is exactly a week today  that  one of the most courageous and unassuming  Broadcasters  in Ghana  for  years , Kwadwo Asare  Barfuor  A.K.A  KABA  died. The ace broadcaster KABA has signed off for good.

He had a great intelligence and a rare talent.  KABA's rich tones, quick wit and easy grasp of a vast array of subject matter   in politics made him a one-stop shop for what was going on in Ghana , whether on  Aempa Fm’s   flagship current affairs program “ Ekosiii  Sen ‘  Adom Fm’s  “ Dwaso Nsem ’  or  Adom Tv’s  Badwam , a medium he took to like a fish to water.

But now, the stream has run dry. At 37, KABA has finally succumbed to the ladder which every mortal man  is bound to  climb.

I have known  for some time  even though  we have  not worked closely together except  a few  times I happen to appear on his show , in my time as an MP  for  Mfantsiman West  and Deputy Majority Chief Whip, and we did so by respecting the professional and  the partisan boundaries of each other in my case  as a politician  and  he a journalist .

We all came to respect him as a young man trying to maintain a high level of professionalism in an industry many have found it difficult not to betray their political biases.

He always showed respect to me and I readily returned the sentiment. He was one who would happily give you the opportunity to express and explain your point of view, he was a decent fellow, Calm  but lethal.

He knew how to maintain his programme to   be   the best afternoon show, No wonder he picked up an award as the Best afternoon show host at the just ended   RTP Awards.

I knew  KABA  to be  among  the  most religious  persons  in the  Media landscape  as he and I worship with  the  Church  of Pentecost ,no wonder    earlier  news report  had  it that  he had  his crisis whilst  at  an all-night session  which his mother  came out later to  refute.

I have  of  many  conspiracy  theories surrounding  his death  but  that  is the  Ghanaian society  for you   nobody dies of natural occurrence .

The beautiful tributes will flow through streams of tears and, a little down the line, we will move on as the tears dry up but his memory will forever linger on.

 There is a lot that we can learn from the deep   contribution   he   made to Ghana’s   democracy in his time with us. He left a very big gap in Ghana’s body politic and broadcasting and   the national response to his death should inspire others to be fair in their line of work.

Adiu !!!  KABA  ,Da Yie!!!

Hon . George Kuntu Blankson

Former  Deputy Majority  Chief  Whip  and MP for Ekumfi.