15 must-know benefits of cashew nuts

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The great thing about cashew nuts is that, not only are they super duper healthy, but they can improve your snacking habits. Just grab a bunch, dump ‘em in a bowl and munch on them while you fire off some emails!

Who knew that getting healthy could be SO easy?!

Cashews Can Prevent Heart Disease

Heart disease is now in the driving seat when it comes to the biggest killers of adult Americans. And the prime reasons we get heart disease? Poor lifestyle choices.

And this includes a poor diet.

Fix up your diet by adding cashews to reduce your risk of heart disease.

Cashews Help With Hair

Anyone who’s reading this surely cares about their mane. And the good news is that if you want your hair to keep shining and looking beautiful, you should definitely add cashew nuts to your diet. This is because they are rich in copper, a key mineral that gives your hair its vibrancy and colour.

Cashews Repair Muscles

Because cashews contain magnesium, they’re able to repair and strengthen your muscles and tissues after a solid workout.

Magnesium also plays lots of other roles. It aids your immune system and it and strengthen your bones.

Go magnesium! (and cashews)

Cashews Can Prevent Diabetes

Like heart disease, diabetes often develops as a result of some bad lifestyle choices.

Adding cashew nuts to your diet is an AWESOME lifestyle choice that can reduce your risk of developing this awful disease.

Cashews Can Prevent Anemia

Anemia isn’t spoken of too often, but it really isn’t very pleasant. It occurs when your body lacks iron, which you need to help you carry oxygen around your system.

As you can probably imagine, when you’re lacking in iron, you’re going to feel pretty darn fatigued.

So add more cashews to your cupboards to keep your iron levels bouncing.

Cashews Improve the Health and Look of your Gums and Teeth

Oral problems are a real pain, aren’t they?

The biggest issue is that you use your mouth for so many things. And when your gums and teeth start to act up, it can be hard to eat, talk – and it’s especially painful to laugh!

Cashews can help improve the health of your gums and teeth because, for one thing, they’re a much healthier snacking alternative to candy and chocolate.

Secondly, they contain a lot of magnesium. And as we all know, magnesium strengthens bones – and teeth.

Cashews Calm Nerves

If you’re a generally nervous person and really wish that you weren’t, it might be time to give cashews a go.

The reason these nuts are so good at steadying the nerves is because they contain magnesium. This key mineral relaxes your muscles and blood vessels, ensuring you stay calmer during those moments that normally bother you a lot.

Magnesium can also help keep your blood pressure down.

Cashews Can Prevent Gallstones

We surely all know someone who’s had a gallstone. It’s usually an older female who develops them, and when these babies develop, let’s just say this: The pain is indescribable.

Basically, you NEVER want a gallstone. And to reduce your risk as much as you can, start adding more cashew nuts to your diet.

Cashews are Rich in Vitamins

As humans, we need as many vitamins as we can get. Vitamins are what keep us ticking!

Although they might be small, you shouldn’t let their size deceive you. Cashews are extremely rich in vitamins such as niacin, thiamin and riboflavin.

Want more vitamins? Guess you’ll just have to eat more cashew nuts!

Cashews Help with a Good Night’s Sleep

Tired all the time? Wish you could sleep some more?

Life is a bit of a drag when we don’t get enough sleep. It affects our mood and productivity, and when we aren’t in work all we want to do is flop.

It doesn’t need to be that way anymore. Cashews help to relax your body, and they’re especially potent at reducing the effects of the menopause so that you get more sleep.

Cashews Boost your Immune System

The reason you feel as healthy as you do on most days is because you’re immune system is functioning as it should do.

Indeed, it’s only when our immune system starts to break down that we even start to think about it.

Be kinder to your immune system: Give it more of what it wants and needs, such as cashews.

Cashews Can Help you Lose Weight

If you’ve already done a bit of research into cashews, you might have found that they contain a lot of fat.

Indeed, these bad boys are actually classed as fats. So how in the heck can they help you to lose weight?

Despite their classification, cashews don’t contain bad cholesterol. On the contrary, they contain good cholesterol, which means that you can eat them without worrying about weight gain.

And if you normally snack on candy, replacing all that junk with cashews should see you lose weight over the coming weeks.

Cashews Help With Digestion

Okay, who doesn’t struggle with digestive issues? Indigestion is one of the most common reasons any of us goes to see our doctor.

The thing is that, a lot of the time, it’s a poor diet that is causing digestive issues. And just like a bad diet can cause indigestion, a better diet can rectify the situation.

Add cashews to your diet to see if you start feeling better in your tummy!

Cashews Give Meals a Kick

It’s not really a health benefit, but we thought that we’d end on a culinary benefit.

Cashews are routinely added to all kinds of meals because they give food a much-needed oomph. See if you can improve your own meals by adding them from now on!