10 Reasons why you shouldn’t worry about his ex

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1. He’s with you now, not with her

He has chosen to be with you. Yes, he may have loved her in the past, but now he is with you. That alone speaks volumes and you should be respecting the choice that he has made and simply be happy.


2. You have a past too, just like everyone else

Don’t forget that you have had other boyfriends as well. What would you say if your boyfriend was worried about your exes? Probably it’s the same thing that he is saying to you about his ex’s now. Everybody has the past, so leave it where it belongs – behind!

3. You are showing a lack of trust in your boyfriend, which isn’t beneficial for your relationship

By even thinking about his ex, what message are you conveying to your boyfriend? Essentially, what you are saying is that you don’t trust him and that you think he would cheat on you with his ex. Is that what you really think?


4. Learn to accept that he has loved other people, just as you did

He, no doubt, loves his mother, his sister or even his best friend, but that doesn’t change his love for you. He probably did used to love his ex, but, at least, that shows you that he is capable of caring for a person, and now that person is you.

5. You are exposing your own insecurities and fears, which are most likely unfounded

Have you considered that your fear of his ex, coming back on the scene is just a sign of your own insecurities? He most likely has no intention of leaving you for his ex; it is only your own, unfounded fears that make this a problem for you.

6. You are over analyzing again!

Try not to over think this; it is probably nothing to worry about at all. You are probably seeing problems that don’t even exist, so put it out of your mind and don’t try to second guess what your boyfriend is thinking. If he is with you now and he says that he loves you and cares about you, he most likely means it!

7. She’s probably not even interested

Have you even considered what his ex might think? There must have been reasons behind why your boyfriend and his ex split and what makes you think that she would be interested,  and even was he? It’s more likely that your boyfriends ex has moved on, just as he has, and therefore you need to do it also.

8. Could it be just a case of green eyed monster – jealousy?

Is his ex-girlfriend a real problem, or is it just a case of the green eyed monster taking over? There is no need to be jealous of the past; that is all done and dusted. It’s what happens from here that counts and being jealous of his past is completely counterproductive.

9. You are letting her take control

By letting yourself worry about her, you are letting her win! You are admitting that she still has some influence over your boyfriend and that is most likely not true. Don’t give her the satisfaction! She is history and you are the NOW.

10. It is a waste of your time and energy

Don’t waste your energy and your time worrying about his ex; she’s just not worth it. This is the time that you should be concentrating on your relationship, not her old one. Do you really want to be spending any energy at all on her?!

So as you can see, you totally shouldn’t worry about his ex; just enjoy your life together with the man of your dreams and be happy!

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Smile always!