10 drinks and foods that make you gain weight

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You might be surprised to find some of these items on a list like this, because you thought they were healthy foods, so read on, and find ten drinks and foods that make you gain weight.


1. Alcohol

You probably know that alcohol contains only useless calories that do your body no good at all, but there is another interesting side effect of alcohol that you may not have known about. Alcohol causes a significant drop in your body’s ability to burn off fat. Just two glasses of a spirit, with a mixer, will reduce your fat burning metabolism by over 70%, which is one of the reasons that heavy drinkers often experience weight gain.

2. Potato chips and peanuts

Peanuts and potato chips are two of the biggest culprits in snack foods that make you gain weight. They may seem like a light snack, but a small serving of potato chips contains around 150 calories and an ounce of peanuts has 161 calories. The real problem is, that they often come in large bags and they are hard to resist once the bag has been opened.

3. Refined sugar

White refined sugar contains plenty of calories, but no vitamins or other nutrients at all. A single teaspoon of white sugar has around sixteen calories. That doesn’t sound a lot on its own, but when you add up all the sugar that you eat in the course of a day, you can see why sugar hits this list of foods that will make you gain weight. Even if you don’t sprinkle sugar on your morning cereals, take a look at the back of any processed food packaging, and you will be surprised at how much of the food you eat contains significant quantities of sugar.

4. Processed meats

Process meats are also included in our list of foods that make you gain weight. Hotdogs, processed cold cuts of meat and sausage meat, all contain a surprisingly high number calories, even the ones that you think would be healthy like processed turkey meat. Processed meats usually contain high levels of fat, as well as having added salt and sugar.

5. Dried fruit

Dried fruit is another food that can be very misleading and it definitely deserves its place in our list of foods that make you gain weight. You’d think that, because it is fruit, it will be healthy. The truth is, though, that because the water has been extracted from dried fruit, all the sugar becomes concentrated and dried fruit also often has extra sugar added. A cup of fresh grapes, for example, would contain about 60 calories, whereas a cup of raisins would have 450 calories.

6. Potatoes

A medium sized potato contains, on average, only 110 calories, but potatoes are often on lists of fattening foods because of the amount we tend to eat and how we prepare them. One baked potato, with its skin left on, is really quite good for you, but then we tend to pile it high with toppings like butter and cheese. Even the humble boiled potato wouldn’t be so bad, if we didn’t smother it with butter.

7. Warps

Wraps are often sold as the healthy alternative, but they can be calorie laden too, and that’s why they are also included in our list of foods that make you gain weight. If you were to roll out a shop bought wrap flat, you could find that it is over a foot long! The average wrap contains about 300 calories and, because there is much surface area to it, you will also find that there is far more dressing spread on it than you would find in a simple sandwich.

8. Red meat

Red meat is high in cholesterol and fat, and too much of it will make you put on weight. The worst thing about red meat is that the tastiest cuts are the ones that are marbled with fat, because that is what gives red meat its succulent flavour. Dieticians recommend that red meat should only be eaten a few times a week.

9. Deserts

Sorry, all, but one of the worst foods for your figure, that make you gain weight are those gorgeous, scrummy deserts. In small doses, cheesecake, pies and ice cream are fine, but who sticks to small portions? Even a standard serving of vanilla ice cream has 135 calories, so lay off the deserts altogether, if you can, and it will help you not to put on weight.

10. Salad dressing and butter

Just one teaspoon of regular salad dressing, or a small pat of butter, will bring with it 45 calories. Ranch dressing is one of the worst and if you cover your salad in it, you will be adding several hundred calories to your otherwise healthy meal. As ever, there are no bad foods, so long as they are not eaten to excess. So watch your portion sizes, don’t indulge yourself too often, and you won’t put on unwanted weight.