10 Breakfast Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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According to the NHS, breakfast isn’t actually the most important meal of the day. But as any nutritionist, dietician or health expert will tell you, it’s still pretty darn important.

Skipping it can be detrimental to both your health and your weight loss goals. If you miss breakfast, you not only lose out on a chance to charge your metabolism as soon as possible, you’re also missing out on a key source of energy and you might end up overeating later in the day, which can cause weight gain.

So, it’s pretty important.

And while you might be totally alarmed that there could even exist 10 breakfast mistakes, the truth is that there are probably more. If you’re making these key mistakes, you’ll find it hard to lose weight, and you might find that you’re low on energy throughout the day.

Eating Greasy Foods 

Okay, let’s have a show of hands – who loves bacon?!

Bacon is seen as a cornerstone of a good breakfast in so many countries, but it’s hugely unhealthy. While a waft of bacon is enough to tempt us into stuffing our faces with the streaky stuff, the truth is that greasy food like bacon can trigger digestive problems.

Not just this, but the bad fats in greasy foods eventually make their way to your brain, and can thus cause brain fog. Not cool.

You Drink Way Too Much Coffee

We get it – you love your coffee (so do we).

While one cup of Joe in the morning is perfectly fine (and a great way to fire up your metabolism), 2-3 isn’t.

See, while coffee definitely makes you more alert, an over-reliance on coffee can worsen your mood. Moreover, it just isn’t healthy for your body.

Ever gone a few days without coffee? If you’ve literally felt rotten, it means that you’re drinking too much coffee to the point where your body begins to need it. And that isn’t normal.

Try adding more green teas to your diet, or drink lemon water in the mornings before work.

Eating Too Much Sugar

A bit of sugar in the morning is okay. For example, maybe you like to juice some fresh fruit and kickstart your day that way.

However, fresh fruit is also rich in many key nutrients that help you kickstart your day the right way. Sugary, processed junk food like packaged cereals or donuts, on the other hand, contain zero nutritional good stuff and are thus worth avoiding if you want to stay healthy.

That goes for fizzy drinks, too.

You Just Your Fruit and Veggies 

Okay, we did just say that maybe you like to juice some fresh fruit. But it’s actually not a hugely great idea.

See, while eating fresh fruit in the morning IS a fab way to start your day, when you juice your fruit and veg, you’re filtering out the fibre content.

And fibre is key to a fulfilling breakfast. Not just that, but it’s a hugely important nutrient that so many of us don’t get enough of.

While it’s acceptable to juice your fruit and veg some of the time, it’s much better to just eat whole fruits in the morning. That way, you’ll get to make the most of all of their nutrients and you’ll stay fuller for longer.

You Don’t Drink Water

If you don’t drink water in the morning, you’re not giving your body a chance to cleanse itself of any toxins that have built up during the night.

Water is a great way of flushing out your system, thereby boosting your mood and your energy levels.

You Get Up Too Late 

You get up so late that you don’t have time for breakfast. So what you do is guzzle 2-3 cups of coffee and take a pop-tart out of the house with you, which you munch on in the car.

Getting up too late automatically puts you at a disadvantage because you’re hurrying around. And when you hurry, you get stressed and bad things happen, such as a stubbed toe. Ouch.

Worse still, you miss breakfast, which causes you to overeat on junk food once you’re at the office.

From now on, get up a bit earlier and give yourself more time for a proper breakfast.

You Don’t Eat Enough 

Okay, so you do eat breakfast – but you don’t eat enough of it!

Instead, you have a bit of cereal with a bit of milk and dash off to work.

Of course it’s totally cool because you know you’ll fill up on snacks once you’re in the office.

This is just as problematic as not having anything for breakfast. The best thing to do is to always eat a healthy, nutritious and hearty breakfast that keeps you going until noon.

You Don’t Prep Your Breakfast

This is a cardinal sin. When you don’t prep your breakfast, you grab anything – usually coffee and a pop-tart.

Or a donut.

Or leftover pizza (really!?).

The best thing to do is to prep your breakfast the night before.

Even better than that, why not prep all your breakfasts for the week ahead on Sunday?

Even better than that, why not make this super easy for yourself by having the same breakfast each day? You can mix it up from week-to-week, of course.

You Always Go Out For Breakfast

Going out for breakfast is awesome! But if you literally do it all the time, it’s going to take a toll on both your waistline and your bank account.

When you eat out, you don’t get a chance to count calories. Moreover, it’s so easy to have eyes bigger than your stomach.

And it’s so easy to order a shake with your breakfast.

And a dessert.

You Eat Breakfast In Bed

Do you wake up and eat breakfast immediately? This is not a good idea because when we eat food straight away upon waking up, our digestive system isn’t actually ready for it.

It’s a much better idea to prep your digestive system and metabolism by drinking a glass of water first.