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6 ways to cut down electricity monthly bill in 2017

Jan 03, 2017 at 2:47pm
As we ushered into 2017, a lot of people might have made New Year resolutions to follow especially with regards to their finances. One major way you can free up some cash in 2017 is by reducing expenditure on household- be it entertainment, water or electricity. A chunk of our income is swallowed by these household bills. A lot of us would be happy if we could come up with some tricks to lessen these bills since they are recurrent and incurred every month. So how can one effectively cut his/her electricity monthly bill?

Watch your Air-Con consumption

We all are aware that we live in a humid and hot country which is why almost everyone wants to have air-conditioning units inside their homes. The air-conditioning unit is one of the main reasons why electricity bill is high and cutting it down would ultimately mean discipline in utilizing your air-con unit/s.

If you have an old model or unit, replace it with a new one because maintaining an old unit costs more energy which means a higher bill. If you notice that the weather is not too hot, try limiting your air-con usage to cut down your bill.

Ask plants for Help

I know what you’re thinking: what would the plants do to help me with my electricity bill? Plants reduce the heat around it by releasing moisture into the air through transpiration. So what do you need to do? Plant more trees to keep the house cool.

Keep your refrigerator full

Most of us are aware that constantly opening the refrigerator causes heat to enter and makes the refrigerators work more because its main use is to keep things cold. Having an empty refrigerator is pretty much the same because once it is opened, more cold air will leave the refrigerator in larger sums thus making the refrigerator work harder to maintain its coolness.

Be sure to keep your refrigerator full but do not put too much inside because it can also take its toll on your bill. One good tip is to choose a unit with high Energy Efficiency when you are shopping for a refrigerator. This is indicated on the yellow label on every new refrigerator. The more BLACK STARS, the more EFFICIENT the refrigerator. (Five Star is most efficient)

Schedule ironing sessions

The iron is one of the items in our household that consumes a lot of energy; you can schedule ironing sessions once or twice a week. You can use board covers or fabric conditioners so it can lessen the wrinkles on your clothes.

Unplug all of your appliances

According to a recent study, unplugged appliances can add up to 10Ghcedis to 50Ghcedis monthly to your bill. Make it a habit of unplugging your household items when they are not in use or when you are not at home. You may be surprised by the results it will give you. Do not leave appliances on standby mode because they still consume electricity.

Switch off the fan when not in the room

Your ceiling fans and other fans do nothing to cool the air in your home. Yes, they make you feel cooler and they can help distribute the air cooled by your air conditioner, but they don’t actually cool the room. When no one is around to enjoy the benefit of the moving air, switch ceiling fans off to save energy.

Are you stressed about having a high billing? It’s not really rocket science– we all need to use energy efficiently. The aforementioned ways will help in making some savings in 2017.

Happy New Year

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