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PUCG to introduce more health-related programmes

Dec 29, 2016 at 11:35am
The Presbyterian University College, Ghana, is to introduce more health-related programmes in support of the effort to strengthen the heath sector and the quality of care.

The Reverend Professor Emmanuel Adow Obeng, its’ President, said these would be in the areas of midwifery, optometry and hospital management.

The university was therefore scaling up the affiliation and accreditation processes with recognized health institutions across the nation to improve the already introduced health programs it had been running, he added.

He was speaking at the 14th matriculation ceremony of the institution held in Agogo in the Asante-Akim North District.

A total of 445 fresh students – 244 males and 201 females, were admitted to pursue various programmes.

The Rev Prof Adow Obeng underlined their determination to continue to work hard to become a centre of excellence and a preferred institution of choice for students.

The focus was to churn out employable graduates - products with relevant skills for the job market.

The university, he indicated “stands tall when it comes to developing students - spiritually and academically, to fit into any sector they might find themselves after completion of their programmes”.

The Rev Prof Adow Obeng repeated the core values of the PUCG - discipline, determination, commitment, humility, hard work, integrity, excellence and faith in God and vowed to stand by these.

He encouraged the fresh students to be modest and decent in their dressing.



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